MICEmunich service

As an owner-operated full-service partner, we take both, the overall design and execution of your event and the construction of individual modules in the organization and implementation of your successful event or we supply you with the right equipment at short notice.

  • Conception of your events and live campaigns as well as economically founded project planning
  • Location Scouting with huge number of on- and off-venues tailored to your needs
  • All kinds of catering from flying fingerfood to buffets & classic dinner to festival provisioning
  • Technical coordination and support from seminar acoustics to self-contained power-supply at off-locations to the integrated audio-visual design of your evening event
  • Security services from the VIP treatment to admission management to shuttle service
  • Excellent contacts with both local and internationally renowned artists and proven disc jockeys
  • Stand construction and decoration from tent construction to exclusive furniture up to the matching flower arrangements
  • Event Logistics is our daily business: transportation of equipment, well-rehearsed event staff, provision of sanitary facilities and fences to the fire-police inspection of the location
  • We do the accounting and post calculation of your event
  • To ensure the sustainability of your event, we like to document the production via photo and video and edit it professionally on request

Our established team headed by event professional Manfred Zobel transfers your expectations thanks to his now 20-years experience in senior positions in event management to results, which always reach our high quality standards and achieve a best value for our customers.

Thanks to our excelent local and international network grown through a big number of events we always cooperate with the optimum selection of specialized service providers and partners, not only to meet the needs of our customers, but to surpass them regularly.

We gladly exploit synergies and work together with your traditional suppliers to provide our local and professional know-how.

We also use your existing equipment and structures to be more cost efficient.

We are also happy to take an advisory part for you. You decide how we can assist you with your event.

So please don't hesitate to call +49 176 277 537 84, use our contact sheet or email to office@MICEmunich.com

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